I have worked with Lester Luey as my Financial Advisor for over 6 years since he was involved in the QROPS of my UK pension. I have always found Lester approachable and willing to discuss options for investments. His advice is always well considered and from my layman point of view he seems to consider all the aspects (currency movements, market sensitivities etc) whether it’s investing funds or maximising my withdrawals of benefit. I appreciate the effort Lester goes to, to explain how my portfolio is performing and what we should do to keep it performing well. His advice always sits well with my chosen risk strategy. Most of all I find Lester an honourable and trustworthy gentleman to deal with.


Lester Luey has been my financial adviser for over ten years. Thanks to his experience, extensive knowledge of local and overseas markets and an intuitive approach to its fluctuations my portfolio is consistently achieving all the goals we set and I couldn’t be more appreciative or impressed.

Lester is a good listener and great communicator with regular meetings and updates where options are carefully, patiently explained. I have found him ethical, trustworthy and meticulous in making sure his profession’s legal requirements are met. I would (and have) recommended him as an outstanding investment adviser.


My husband and I have enlisted the services of Lester for many years and meet with him twice a year to discuss our investments. He initially emails our portfolio before each meeting, so we are up with the play. Lester explains to us the overall status of our investments in a very professional and articulate manner. We would highly recommend Lester to our family and friends.


Lester has been our financial adviser for 5 years and during that time has managed to maintain good balanced portfolios that reflect our personal risk profiles.

We would highly recommend Lester as a financial adviser, as he is always very thorough, and does a good deal of research before recommending any investment. He brings sufficient background information, on the companies he is recommending, for you to consider.

There is no pressure to take his advice and he is always open for you to discuss it further before making a decision.

Lester is patient and happy to explain anything you don’t understand.

Kathy and John


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